Voices of the Children

Street children deserve to be protected ,respected and accepted just like other children.

annete naddukuAt the age of 4, Annet was also introduced to scavenging and together with her mother it was the only way of survival. Just after a year, Annet had acquired lots of ill street habits.

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jennifer intro"For sure, life in Kiteso (slum) was difficult since our mother had no source of income. She could neither afford to feed us nor pay for the cheapest grass-thatched hut where we slept.” Jennifer says. ”Mum’s friends got fed-up with us and eventually evicted our family

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woniayeAyubuGranny could come back home drunk and beat us every evening, we could starve and our feet were infested with jiggers and no one came to our salvage, Ayubu recollects.

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shamim nafunaBorn in 2003 as the first born to her parents, Shamim is one of the children that were formally on the streets due to harsh living conditions. Her father divorced with their mother in 2007 during which period the mother had a long illness and he left for Juba in Southern Sudan and has never returned.

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joymary aAfter the demise of her mother, she was abandoned by her father as he could not take care of such a little child. She was rescued by her paternal aunt who rents in Namatala slum in Mbale where she has stayed to-date.

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Susan, aged 13 first came to CRO Lira drop centre in 2014 after engaging in child labour on the streets of Lira town, Northern Uganda as a result of the harsh living conditions at home where they could hardly find food, clothing and neither go to school.

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Lemuya carolOften our parents would fight as a result alcoholic influence and this made our home atmosphere very unfriendly making life harder for me and my siblings. This forced us to fully join other children on the streets.

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nabuduwa ashaBorn in 2008, Mercy a 2nd born in a family of 3 children lost her father when she was only 2 years. Due to cultural beliefs, her mother was mistreated by her in-laws as they took all the property that was owned by their late father / husband respectively.

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