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 It’s been said that all mothers have one true wish — to see their children grow and thrive.

It is this wish that forced Carol, 8 year old girl from Karamoja and her family of 8 siblings to migrate from their homeland to what would be a better settlement, Namatala – a slum area in Mbale Municipality.

This was due to a long drought that had caused famine.

The joy of having settled in a new place was short lived as starvation caught up with her when her parents became drunkards instead of fending for the family.

In search for survival, Carol and her siblings went on to the street to beg together with their influenced parents and often picked left-overs for food.

“The atmosphere at home became unfriendly due to fighting between my influenced parents”, Carol says,” I had to succumb to the influence of other kids on the street to become a full time street child – I slowly got initiated to the life of begging, stealing and scavenging within the garbage heaps for leftovers (makombo-local name) as the only way of survival”.

breakfaST at CROOne day while Carol and her peers were picking discarded foodstuffs, she came in contact with CRO social workers who invited her to the drop center to which she obliged.

At the CRO center, Carol joined the rehabilitation program under which she is able to receive a nutritious cup of porridge during breakfast and lunch.

“Carol now looks better, her health has improved compared to the time when she joined the center when she was undernourished”, says her counselor.

One of the reasons why children are on the streets is to find food, but, whatever they pick from the garbage heaps or leftover food is unhealthy and causes disease to them. Yet they need a balanced diet to fight malnutrition.

carol story“ I can now concentrate while at school as well as actively participate in singing and other activities at CRO center because I am assured of getting a good meal”, she says.

Carol is grateful to CRO for every support rendered to her and looks forward to becoming a doctor.

If you’re interested in helping someone like Carol improve her physical and mental health click here to support our regular feeding program.


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