Transform a child's life

Different ways you can give to support our work.

CRO's committement to rebuilding the lives of children on the streets and empowering them to become productive in society is effective because of the financial intervention from various financial sources such as organizations and individuals like you. This has however not been easy as the needs of the children always overwhelm the available resources.

We would like to recognize your tireless efforts in supporting the education of former street children. Children on the streets have been denied every right to childhood,education,parenting, health and shelter . But every child deserves their rights as this will unlock more opportunities and liberate them from ignorance, poverty and disease.

Our needs and the duties are numerous and we call upon you to partner with us and get more children off the street. If you would like to support our vision, please Contact Us today or simply check out the various avenues below;

Formal School education

CRO ensures that every street child gets the opportunity to go to school. It is through education that young people will break the cycle of poverty and gain better chances for now and their future.

Medical and Health Care

Clinics give medical assistance to people who would otherwise not have been helped due to lack of money. Without money for medication, treatment cannot be conducted.

Food and Nutrition Support

Due to limited of funds, most often children are fed on posho (maize dish) and beans for lunch. Having the same food every day is not beneficial; the children need to have a balanced diet.

Child Resettlement

Resettling is hardly ever a walk in the park, at times either the children are not wanted/welcomed at home or the physical conditions in the home are simply not good enough for the child to live.

Self Help Groups

Being part of a self help group, one acquires a great sense of economic responsibility and a good understanding on how to manage a business well with guidance from CRO.


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