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Resettling is hardly ever a walk in the park, at times the children are not wanted, period. Other times, the physical conditions in the home are simply not good enough for the child to live under, e.g. there is no mosquito-net, no blankets etc. However, very simple measures can be taken to prevent the physical conditions of the home to prevent children from resettling. If the children could bring a few items, like a mosquito-net, a blanket, a basin and maybe even a mattress, this would no longer be a problem. It could even reduce the reluctance of the parents and guardians to take the children back. If you would like to make resettlement easier for the child and the family, please put the code attached to the wanted item on the payment made to the account number below.

The following prices are for one child's resettlement:

Item Price Code
Mosquito-net 10 000 UGX (3 USD) Re-Mo
Mattress 54, 000 UGX (15 USD) Re-Ma
Basin   5 000 UGX (1,5 USD) Re-Ba
Blanket 15 000 UGX (5,5 USD) Re-Bl
Set of clothes (shorts/skirt and top) 18 000 UGX (4 USD) Re-C
Total (without mattress) 48 000 UGX (15 USD) Re-T
Total (with mattress) 102 000 UGX (28 USD) Re-TM

(The reason why there is a total amount with and without a mattress, is that a mattress is not always necessary, while the other objects are)

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